At the Perfecting Pilates Studio, we are able to conduct private one to one sessions for Pilates, Personal Fitness, and Pain Management. This enables us to provide a more unique workout experience based on individual requirements. You can find more information below the appointment scheduler.

Pain Management

If you need help with pain management, muscular imbalances, strength or conditioning of your weak areas, then Perfecting Pilates of York can help. This is based on a one to one arrangement in my private studio. 

A posture assessment will be carried out to try to discover problem areas, and a tailored programme can be written for you to carry out until our next session. This is important to speed up your recovery.

I will release your over-active muscles and stimulate your under-active muscles which will leave you balanced and stretched. 

You will be advised on your working conditions, looking at adaptations where these could be put in place. I help you look at the whole picture and you will be educated to stop problems recurring in the future. 

How do I know if Pain Management is for me?

If you suffer for any back pain, hip pain, Neck/shoulder pain, sports injuries, post natal recovery problems including separation of abdominals, then Pain Management sessions are for you.

Fitness / Nutrition 

We all know they go hand in hand. In your one to one session in the Perfecting Pilates private studio, we will discuss your goals and I will put together a session that will get you real results. If desired, I can provide exercise routines that you can perform at home.

For nutrition, we will discuss which healthy and nutritious foods you should be eating to help you achieve your goals. I can calculate your macros accordingly and provide extra support and check-ins* if needed. If you’re a new mum, then babies are welcome.

I have helped many people through pain management and they are now setting big goals. I have people running marathons and open swims. Nothing is impossible with the right exercises and mind set and I can help you achieve them.

* additional fee required.

Have Goals?  You've come to the right place.  Whatever your goal i will deliver a session based on the information you give and help you every step of the way.

Need a tailored programme, advise on Nutrition, yes i can do that to.  The support and guidance in these sessions will want you striving for more goals

Want to learn Pilates but can't wait to start receiving the benefits then this is for you.

Advised by your Doctor or Surgeon for Pain management or pre or post recovery then this is for you.

Want to increase your Flexibility and improve your Core strength then this is definitely for you.