How do i get back to fitness post Covid-19?

  1. Start slowly and build up to your activity level over time, especially if you suffered with your breathing.
  2. Even though you are eager to get back, to where you were, to begin with your body may still need to rest, so be mindful of how your energy levels are.
  3. Introduce more active rest days, like gentle Pilates, stretching feels amazing and helps with muscle soreness.  Its also great for calming down the brain and nervous system.
  4. Somatic breathing used in Pilates, will be a huge benefit post recovery, as it not only enlarges your ribcage breathing to 360 degrees, it helps reduce pains in the body.
  5. Aim for daily short walks, you maybe tired or breathless at first, but that's normal. You will adapt with consistency.
  6. Try online fitness,  Perfecting Pilates has an extensive library on demand and which are recorded so you can do it at your own pace choosing your own length of time.  If you feel you need something more Perfecting Pilates also has Advanced, Hitt and weights.
  7. Try Meditation just starting at two minutes a day, really makes a huge difference.
  8. Try to stay hydrated and feed your body with food that brings goodness, after all we are what we eat.