Are you struggling to nod off within the first 10 minutes, and you are dependant on alcohol or medication to get a good nights sleep? 

We can help at Perfecting Pilates or a class near you, Pilates can really help to transform your life.  

Joining a Pilates class can help you learn about your body and what it needs through an equal balance of stretching or strength exercises.

A Qualified instructor will write a class plan which is structured to give you the perfect balance of strength and stretching to help release those tight muscles which can leave you struggling to sleep.

A class is generalised and one to one is personally tailored but if you don't do any stretching then a class maybe all you need, unless you are a chronic pain sufferer then an individual session maybe the way forward until you are ready for a class.

Pilates is amazing for Core strength, Flexibility, and releasing tight muscles.  We focus on the breathing to lead our movements which allows us to eliminate stress and get a fantastic mind to muscle connection.  

Pilates requires focus when executing moves which helps us to connect to our bodies allowing a greater understanding of what our bodies need.  We at Perfecting Pilates connect to our Pelvic floor muscles which helps to reduce 50 percent of Back Pain and creates a strong corset to hold a better more confident posture.  

Activating these muscles will eliminate Pain, and give you a more effective core.  Find a class near you, or reach out to Perfecting Pilates York and i will guide you to the correct class for you.