Do I really have to live with pain?

The answer is no. Correcting the Posture is a massive turnaround when dealing with pain. A little bit about my experience.  I’ve always been sporty,  but to the point I was over training.  Yes that’s right over training.  I was a runner, I taught a lot of fitness classes, had children and all of this took toll on my body.  Until one day enough was enough.  I started with right hip pain, i'd ignore it,  run through it, as the endorphins would kick in, until one day I could run no more.  I looked for lots of therapies that could help.   Chiropractors, Physios, Acupuncture,  Massage therapy you name it I tried it,  but it didn’t last.  Maybe a day,  maybe two,  after spending thousands of pounds on different therapies, I went back to the doctors and insisted on an MRI.   The MRI concluded I had two degenerative discs, scars on each hip and a narrowing on my left SI joint. I was horrified!  I was then advised to go see the surgeon following the MRI,   who suggested that he could fix my spine with a Disc fusion. I was absolutely shocked.  I told him this is not what I wanted!   I said I was going to change my life around, and I was nearly qualified as an Advanced Pilates Instructor.   He agreed it was the best thing I could do. It didn't stop there though,  I was specialising in lots of different courses, especially looking at muscular imbalances. I just wanted to help people who are going through the same as me, who could find one person who did it all,  Instead of spending thousands of pounds on different therapies and that’s where Pilates came into it.

I started working with 1:1 clients, correcting imbalances, Office workers, Doctors, Nurses  also Pre/Post Natal Ladies with separation of abdominals.  I taught them the right corrective exercise, and gave them a daily programme to follow, as the Brain had created a Dysfunctional pattern.

I love helping people.. Its about looking at their whole picture and finding new solutions to prevent this Pain from re-occurring.  I also teach Group classes, using Physio Pilates method.  Group classes are fantastic for short term suffers or for people who do Sport, as i work on the full range of exercises to suit everybody, but it’s not like a 1:1 situation but it is taught with the Specialist Instructor.

I love working with one-to-one clients, helping them.  Some of whom have suffered years of pain, some are on heavy medication or some have suddenly become in pain just from a poor posture for such a long time.  Every situation is unique.

The muscles don’t collapse suddenly when doing something, they take years of toll on the body and then they fail. 

I’ve change peoples lives and how incredible is that?   I’ve changed mine,  I’m not a pain suffering person anymore.  I make sure I do my Pilates Practise especially with going back to sports.  I can do all the sports again, whoop, whoop, but everything is about moderation, everything is about balance and I want to say, i wasn't a balanced person before, and I'm still not,  but I’m always striving for that. I weight train, I do 3 to 5 sessions of Pilates a week and I also do my cardio.  I work on great nutrition 80 percent of the time.

Helping people to change their lives for the better is fantastic, they can now do the sport they love, they can now do lots of activities with the family.   People who were even struggling to just sit down and get on the floor without their back locking or getting back up again simple things it seems to other people, but when you’re a pain sufferer, things like that become very challenging.  Sleepless nights take toll on your body, they wear you out, just been in pain all the time is a really hard thing for your body to go through even the negative thoughts in the mind when you’re suffering pain all the time.

Back to the question, do you have to suffer in pain.  No!  There’s always a way out, just finding the right therapy for you is the best way forward and then you can get on and enjoy what used to do.  If you are interested in 1:1 or want to come to a class, then contact Perfecting Pilates York, or type in a class near me, if you do not live in York.  Online teaching is also available for 1:1.  If you need a Free consultation or you want to try a Free class for free to see if it’s for you, use the contact form.