What's the difference between Classes and One to One?

There is a huge difference between Classes and one to one.  

Classes are generalised, unless I choose a theme to work on,  example ( Back and Abdominals). 

There needs to be a range of Exercises to suit all within the structured planning as not everyone will just need a specific area.  

People who come to Classes have a variety of Muscular / Bone issues and they are usually in Pilates due to support for Pain management and don't forget the social aspect as we have a lot of laughter. 

Classes are fun, varied and a relaxing environment,  unless of course you are in a challenging level which would be quite the opposite!

One to One is specialised. 

 A posture assessment is carried out and Muscles are tested to find the imbalances of Muscles.  I then release the Over active Muscles and stimulate the Underactive Muscles and a Tailored programme is written to be carried out by the client.  

The Exercises given are a wide variety,  from Pilates, Fitness, Strength and Conditioning depending on their issues.

Once the Client has improved or become Pain free in majority of cases, they can stay for Personal Training as many clients move on to making Goals or if this is not the case they will filter into one of my perfectingpilates.com community classes in York where they can maintain their results.